Sunday, December 11, 2011

Warning: This is a very long documentation of the trials I have been through the last few months...PROCEED WITH CAUTION :)

Talk about "when it rains, it pours!" The last couple months have hit us pretty hard as a family. I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I am praying that a season of harvest and rest is coming!
I have had a bit of a rough time this pregnancy. It started out in October when I had to go to Labor and Delivery at the hospital because I thought that I was going into premature labor. I wasn't, however, and they told me they thought I had a UTI. So, I got on antibiotics and went home. Three weeks later I went to the urgent care clinic because I was in pain again and assumed I had another UTI. They said they didn't see any bacteria in my urine sample, but put me on antibiotics anyways. And then just 1 week ago I was back in Labor and Delivery with what I thought was a kidney infection. While I was being monitored in the triage section I started contracting regularly. They had to give me a shot in the back of the arm to stop the contractions and gave me an IV because I was somewhat dehydrated. They also decided to start me on antibiotics while we waited for my sample to be cultured. When I had my regularly scheduled doctor's visit on Monday I discussed everything with my doctor and she said that her records showed that all 3 of those visits I had all came back negative on any bacteria growth...meaning no UTI and no kidney infection. There was, however, both blood and white blood cells in my urine all 3 times, leading us back to my kidney. When my doctor tapped on my back where my kidneys are located I was in a lot of pain on my right side, so she ordered me to have a kidney ultrasound.
Thursday I went in for the ultrasound and found out that I have kidney stones and a "back flow" of urine in my kidney which makes me have a dull pain basically constantly. I still have not discussed what comes next with my doctor, since the ultrasound was just a few days ago. I hope that the stones are small enough to pass on their own! I am grateful, though, that I have an answer as to all the pain and other symptoms I have had the past few months.
That same Thursday that I had the ultrasound I started having a terrible pain in my tooth. It had been bothering me for about a week and a half, but it was never this persistent or painful. As time went on in the day my pain just kept increasing until it was unbearable! So, I had to rush around trying to find a dentist to take me in (I don't have a regular dentist as I haven't been in years due to the cost :) ). Finally, I got in touch with my dad who set me up with his dentist office. When I called I found out that the dentist didn't have an assistant all week and wouldn't be able to treat me, so he referred me to a specialist who does root canals. I would be able to see him the next morning (it was about 6 when I called).so he called me in some pain meds and an antibiotic (Because my tooth was infected.) After I figured all of this out I noticed that Caden was basically acting like a zombie and when I felt him he was super hot. I took his temperature and it was 102. He had been pulling on his ear the day before and that day as well and so I thought I better take him in to see if he has an ear infection. I barely made it in to urgent care before they closed and they told me he didn't have an ear infection. So we went back home.
The next morning I went to my dentist appointment and am so thankful that I was able to get the root canal done, because I feel much better! When I got home Caden was not doing well, however. As the day went on he got worse and worse and by 9 pm I had to call Garrett to come home early from work. Caden wouldn't go to sleep and just kept crying. When I took his temperature it was 104, every time we tried to give him some tylenol he would throw up. This happened 3 times. Finally at about 10:30 his temperature reached 105 and I decided we needed to take him in since he wasn't drinking any liquids and wouldn't keep down his medicine. We went to the ER and were there until midnight. They said he seems to just have a common viral infection and they gave him an anti nausea pill and then tried to give him the tylenol and that worked. So, we went home and Caden slept with me all night, which meant I didn't get hardly any sleep! Since then his temperature has slowly come down and today it was only 100 and he was playing some and acting more normal today. So, I am very grateful that he is recovering and doing better!
I know this is long and it is probably very boring. I just had to get it all out. These health problems have all been happening on top of us preparing for Avery to come in just 7 weeks, preparing to move in just 12 days, and a flea infestation that we are trying to get rid of. Sometimes so many things happen at once that you feel like you will break. That is how I feel at the moment...I can't take just one more thing!
So, I am just trusting in the Lord. He is good and He has been my peace and hope in all of this. I hope that that season of harvest is coming. I am looking forward to being settled into our new house, welcoming Avery into our family, and just enjoying the time we have together. :)

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Dionna Sanchez said...

I am so sorry. I know that feeling of feeling like you will break. I hope nothing else happens and that you guys can regroup.

I'm so sorry about your tooth. Was the root canal painful to get - or did it feel just like a filling? I've always been afraid of those but know my day is coming one of these days....