Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year Gone By: 2011

2011 has not been the best year for me. I am actually looking forward to leaving 2011 in the past and moving on to see what 2012 will bring.
We have had some major changes this year and along with those changes has come some hardships.
I just want to go over the year for my own record and to reflect back on what this year has meant to me.

*The first few months of 2011 were pretty easy going. Just enjoying time as a family. In February for Valentine's Day Garrett and I had a special date at the Melting Pot and were able to splurge on a dinner that we normally would never be able to have! :)
*In March I celebrated my 23rd birthday by shopping and going out to eat at Red Robin.
* In April we celebrated Easter with a great outdoor service with the Trademark body of believers. Then we had Easter dinner at my grandma's house. It was Caden's first Easter.
*May was Caden's 1st birthday! We had family come into town and had a party at my grandma's house. We had yummy bbq, he opened gifts, and we played outside. The weather was perfect that day!
*May was also the month that we found out that I was pregnant again! This was so unexpected and we were honestly in shock for some time after finding out.
*June was the month the morning (aka- all day) sickness kicked in. I suffered with, basically, non stop morning sickness for about 3 months. It was difficult to be the mom and wife I wanted to be with this going on, but we made it through.
*July is when Caden really started walking on his own and all around! It was so fun to see him reach this stage and never look back! Now he basically runs everywhere! Haha.
*At the end of July Garrett got a new job at Anser Charter School as the full time custodian. This was an answer to months and months of prayer! We couldn't be more thankful for this job.
*August Garrett and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We went to the fair which is starting to be a new anniversary tradition. Haha.
*September we found out that we are having a baby girl this time around! We were so thrilled and decided on the name Avery Renee.
*October is when my health problems started with trips to the ER and Labor and Delivery. Between October and December I had to go in 3 times. Finally in mid-December I had a kidney ultrasound and found out that I have kidney stones.
*In November we took a trip to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with Garrett's mom's side of the family.
*In Mid-December I needed to have an emergency root canal done on my tooth. The pain came on so suddenly and intensely that when I called at 7pm they had me in the next morning at 11am and in the meantime gave me a prescription for Vicodin.
*In December Caden also faced multiple colds and we took him into the ER one of the times because he had a fever that reached 105! It turned out that he had Roseola. We didn't know this until his fever broke a few days later and he broke out in a rash.
*Also, in December we spent many days packing up our apartment to move into a house rental. We moved the day before Christmas Eve. It was a lot of work and, unfortunately, we are still dealing with the stress. The house was not in the condition that it should have been. So, we have been dealing with people coming over to fix doors, blinds, pick up dog poop in the backyard left from the previous tenants, and now we are waiting for someone to come fix the carpet in the living room. The previous tenants let their dogs pee all over the living room floor right before they moved and did not clean it up. Now after 3 cleanings the floor is still making the whole house smell like urine! It is really unlivable and we have been waiting for days for the property management to fix it. We are still waiting and now with the holidays it won't be fixed until at least this next week. So, this whole ordeal has been very frustrating and stressful...what a way to end the new year. And to top it off Caden and I both have colds!

So, 2012. Please bring me a season of peace and stillness. I pray that we can enjoy time together as a family. I pray that we would all be in good health. And I pray for Avery's safe arrival. I hope that Caden loves her and welcomes her into his life. 2012 please leave the stress back in 2011. Thank you. :)

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