Monday, February 12, 2007

Changing Styles

I finally got a new hair cut this Saturday! I have been wanting to for awhile, I was just getting tired of my regular hair do. In getting ready for this day I chose 3 hari styles, printed them out, and asked my friends and family which one they liked the best. It was so funny because Garrett would get so annoyed of me bringing out the pictures and asking everyone. Oh, well it really did help me make a good decision! So I chose the style with the most votes, and not to mention I liked it the best as well. I wouldn't get a hair cut that I didn't like just because the majority of people told me to! Anyways, here are the results and I really like it. When I went to wash my hair this morning I was a little shocked when my hair just seemed so much shorter! Right after I get a new, shorter hair style I always use way too much shampoo for at least a week because that is what I used to use. I am sure you girls can relate. :) I just wanted to share the change with you and I hope you like it as much as I do...even though what I think is all that matters! Hehe.