Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Photo Did It!

I am so excited for myself today! haha. But, really. I entered the Jones Soda contest for my photography class last January and I found out today from a former classmate that my photo was on a Jones Soda box! I couldn't believe it... I was never informed by Jones Soda or anything. So in disbelief I headed down to Winco and went through the Jones Soda boxes until I spotted my photo with my name (well, maiden name) and with my town written right on it! Of course I bought the box of soda! My photo is the one on your left. It is a photo I took of Garrett's fingers playing his guitar. This one below is a close up. I just wanted to share with everyone my excitement! And if you want to get one, because you love me so much, it is on the fufu berry flavor box...my favorite kind!


Dionna said...

CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA! Yes - we'll have to buy a box too! That's great - I can't believe they didn't tell you. I'm really excited for you. :)

Jen said...

congratulations...you're famous. great photo!

Memo to self: Change screen name said...

That is way way cool cool. But what the heck heck is a fufu berry?

My guess is that someone by the name of Lulu from Walla Walla (formerly of New York, New York), named this soda while wearing her tutu, eating Bon bons and watching "Dumb and Dumber" (always a no-no).

Bear4bbc said...

That is so awesome. We're gonna run out right now and get one. This is too cool.

Anonymous said...