Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Date!

For this Valentine's Day Garrett and me
celebrated on Friday so we could go for a day trip. We had such a great time together! We decided not to buy eachother gifts and to use the money to go out and do something fun instead. It was actually my idea, because I rather have a great memory for valentine's than a gift that will probably fade away. However, don't get me wrong I love presents as much as the next girl!

Anyways, we went to lunch at Blimpie and then we headed out for Miracle Hot Springs. It is just past Hagerman. It took us about an hour and a half to get there, but that was a good thing. We had a great time talking, laughing, and singing our favorite songs! We saw some pretty views like the one above and we spent quite awhile trying to get Garrett's mouth at the right height where it looked like he was eating a car! haha. It was fun. When we arrived we got a private room for an hour. It is like a hot tub with walls all around it and no roof. It is so beautiful and I love how there is no roof and a window to the outside so the wind blows threw. It was such a beautiful day, especially for February! It ended up that the private pool was extremely hot and we could only stay in it for a minute or two until we had to get out and stick our heads out the side window to cool down! My legs were really red afterward. But we had a good time anyway, it was pretty romantic being alone and looking at the pretty scenery from the pool. After our hour, we went into the public pool which is much cooler in temperature! They also have bars where you can swing on and do pull ups in the water. So Garrett and me had a competition of who could hold themself up longer above the bar...I won...both times! Haha!

Right next to the hot spring they have an alligator farm! So we went there next and Garrett took a few pictures. The coolest one is the one shown above even though you can't see his head. I felt bad for the alligators, because they didn't have much room and I thought that they probably missed their home in Florida. :( Oh well, I moved on from that pretty quickly. Then we headed home and had a good drive back. It was a really great getaway for the both of us, and it will be a good memory.
I love valentine's day because it is just another day that I get to show love to the greatest husband! I love you Garrett and am so thankful for every minute we get to spend together!


Dionna said...

How cool to see the alligator farm! Glad you guys had a good day.

Chrisanna said...

Hi Angela! Sounds like a WONDERFUL day. What a romantic getaway. Glad you guys were able to do that. Cute pictures. I love the one of Garrett eating the car. That is totally something Keith and I would take a picture of. :)

Anonymous said...