Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Never Ending Troubles of Money!

A lot has happened to Garrett and myself since we have been married...mostly good things, but with the word newly weds always comes the word poor! We do eat Ramen noodles occasionally, but we eat fact we have both gained weight since we have been married, and I am not talking about just a few pounds! But, in reality I look around our little apartment and think we are so blessed! We have some pretty nice things like a computer, cell phones, new t.v., dvd player, all the kitchen supplies I need, and more! We really are a blessed nation! I have never gone without food when I was hungry, I have never fallen asleep cold because I had no blankets to warm me, I have never gone with out warm water to shower in (unless some people use it up before me!) see, we are blessed! The things that we think we need are actually luxuries that God has blessed us with and we tend to take them for granted.
I am writing most of this to help myself more than anyone see that I have been given much and that the Lord will always provide! You see, recentley Garrett and myself quit our jobs. It was a risk, but we felt it was right. We knew God would provide us with new jobs and we prayed that the Lord would give us new jobs before our last check came from our previous employer... that was a week. We searched and applied and were interviewed and prayed and the day before we recieved our paycheck we were both given new jobs!! I know that that is God! There is no way that it could be anything else but my faithful Lord! He has promised to provide and I know He will, but that doesn't mean we won't go through hard times. Even though we have jobs once again and recieved our last paychecks we are still needing to trust on God to provide.

The paychecks we recieved were smaller than what we had estimated and the wages at our new jobs are a little less than we were making before, but I know that God will provide, somehow, because He has promised to.

I have been told that financial issues are the number one cause of divorce right now in our country. Garrett and I went to a few crown classes to help us with money issues (sorry we couldn't finish Barry!) :), and I am so glad that we were able to do that. It really helped us to see that this money that we recieve, no matter where it comes from, is given from God. It is His money and He has given it to us to be stewards over it. That helps me so much and I have to remind myself of that truth constantly, because I am tempted to think that I earned this money and I will spend it on whatever I want! But, what a waste that would be! I don't want to waste what God has blessed me with and I don't want my marriage to fail because of something that was intended to be good that we misused. Money isn't the root of all evil, the Bible does not say that. God uses money to fulfill one of His promises He made to us, to provide.

It is a hard time when you aren't sure how you will make through until the next paycheck, but I am learning not to worry. As long as we are doing God's will then He will provide.


Dionna said...

I don't know if money (or lack of it) is ever NOT an issue!! Hang in there..

Chrisanna said...

I love to hear about what God is teaching you. I think finances are something we all are constantly having to trust God in because it is ALL His. I agree with you...We are a very blessed nation. When Keith and I look around at what we have we are in amazement and we know that it is from the Lord because it is not stuff that we would be able to acquire on our own. He is so good to us! I'm glad to hear that you both got new jobs. What an answer to prayer!

Anonymous said...