Monday, March 24, 2008


Happy (late) Easter, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with family the joy that we have in our Risen Savior!
Garrett and I went to his family's house for dinner after our Easter church service. We had a great meal, played some fun card games, and then went and took some beautiful pictures at the Capital building.

I am now excited for my mom and brothers to come up from Boise tomorrow! That means I will have a lot of pictures of my Spring Break with them to come! Have a wonderful Spring Break, everyone!


Andrea said...

Happy belated Easter! Sounds like you guys had a good one. Great pics, I especially love that second one. Hope you are having a good visit with your family!!

Shannon said...

Love the pictures. Love you and Garrett. I'll need some of those pictures too. haha I love the one of you with your arms up!

Anonymous said...