Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the World AVERY!

She's here!
Avery Renee Sanchez was born January 23, 2012 at 11:12 AM. She was 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. Just perfect!
I was scheduled to be induced on Monday (the 23rd) morning at 7am. It was so weird having your labor "scheduled." Going in to the hospital not in labor, but knowing that I would leave with a baby. Anyways, we got all checked into the hospital and by about 8am the induction process began. They first broke my water and then started me on pitocin. The contractions came on quickly and got very strong very fast. I walked around a bit and sat on the "labor" ball for awhile and then I just couldn't take the pain anymore- I wanted an epidural! About 20 minutes after I got the epidural only half of my body was numb. I could still feel the contractions very strongly on my right side. They called the anesthesiologist to come back and see if he could fix it, but it was too late- all of the sudden out of nowhere I had to push and knew that she was coming! They checked me and I was already at a 10. They
had me give one push and she was right there, so they told me to stop while they rushed around frantically getting everything ready and calling the doctor to come in. A few minutes later after only 2 more pushed Avery was here! They laid her on my chest immediately and I just stared at how beautiful she was. I was only in labor for 3 hours! She was definitely easier than Caden, who I was in labor with for 14 hours and pushed for 3 hours. I was so thankful!
We only spent one night in the hospital and came home Tuesday evening. Caden was unsure at first and it has been a big adjustment, but things are getting better each day. Caden is now smiling at and interested in his little sister and even shared some of his toys with her today. After days of hormonal breakdowns and feeling totally overwhelmed I am now feeling more like myself again and am getting into the swing of things. Everything is falling into place and I am so thankful that I get to be Caden and Avery's mom! I am very blessed!

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Jen said...

congratulations on little avery! being a mom of two is definitely much more stressful than being the mom of one but it is certainly worth it...when they're older :O)