Sunday, January 28, 2007


I love photography. I am awestruck that we can capture the world in a moment and hold on to that moment forever. In school I focused on photography and was sure that I would be a photographer the rest of my life. I have taken 7 photo classes in school, and am proud of the work I have accomplished. It wasn't until recentley that I doubted my ability to take different, fascinating, and beautiful pictures. You see my husband decided that he would give a try at have to know that my husband is naturally artistic, musical, and creative. He just goes out, not having any photography training behind him, and takes awesome pictures. In my mind it has become a sort of silent competition between us. When I talk to him about it he denies it...this is because he doesn't understand what it is like to work so hard at something and then have someone come up and be better then you who doesn't have to work at it. He is always the one who is good at this kind of stuff. In my opinion...and many others', he is an amazing guitar player. And guess what....he taught himself! I could never do that. I am good at a limited number of things, and so when I find something that I am good at I want to be given a little praise, I guess. Anyways, I have worked through this over time, and have come to find that we both have different artistic styles and that we can benefit from eachother's artistic perspective. We make a good team. I am at least glad that we have photography in common...we both love going out and taking pictures together. Maybe, we should just get another camera so we don't have to pass this one back and forth...that will ease the competitiveness a little bit. Well, we went out yesterday and took a few shots. Here are some of the ones I took, and I am happy to say that Garrett gave me some very encouraging compliments about these ones. :)


Dionna said...

It's funny...Garrett was never into photography until you! I'd even asked him years ago if he wanted a camera and he wasn't that interested! I know what you mean about silent competition -- I've had that with others. You just have to focus on the gifts God has given YOU -- and the road He has YOU on and not let Satan take your eyes off of that and put them on the gifts or road God has someone else on --- even if that's your husband. :):)

Memo to self: Change screen name said...

I think you take good pictures. I like the first one in this post. I'm glad you both like to take pictures, without them, many memories are lost forever.

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