Monday, January 22, 2007

Some Alone Time

Tonight I have some time to myself. Garrett is at "guy's night." So, instead of planning something to keep myself entertained I decided to be alone. I am not the type of person that really likes to be alone. When I am alone I usually call someone or ask someone to do something with me. I finally decided tonight that I needed to be alone for awhile. So, right after he left I threw on my pajamas, grabbed some of my favorite snacks, turned on my favorite shows, grabbed a few books, and got ready for a night to myself. I am kind of excited to curl up on the couch with my cat and finish reading some books that I haven't had time for lately. So, I am going to let myself relax for once and enjoy this stress free night. I have dishes on the counter and clothes in the dryer, and I was tempted to do my chores, but I chose not to. I am choosing to give myself a break and enjoy me. So, wish me a good night of relaxation and a little peace. :)