Saturday, April 7, 2007


I have such good friends. I love them all so much. They encourage me, teach me, support me, and serve the Lord with me. God has truly blessed me with them. Some of my best friends are away right now at college, and that gets really hard sometimes.
Jessica and me have been friends since 5th grade! I can't believe we have been friends for that long...we really haven't changed that much! haha.
Katie and me have been friends since 9th grade. We actually first got to know eachother over a short term missions trip to St. Maries! We found out that we were a lot a like!
Jacque and me just recently became really good friends. She is such an awesome friend and teaches me a lot...and makes me laugh even more! These are just some of my friends. There are stories behind each one of our relationships and they all mean so much to me.
I just wanted to take a little time to reflect on how God has blessed me with friends, and I pray that I can be a blessing to them.