Saturday, April 28, 2007


So, I said that I would update everyone once I tried the peppermint foot lotion. I ended up getting the lotion on Thursday. With my employee discount I got it for only $7.00! I was happy about that. Anyways, that day I had my wonderful husband give me a foot rub with it and he did without any complaints! I was able to relax on the couch and I also was able to watch one of my favorite shows...Everybody Loves Raymond. Not my favorite, but one of. Anyways, it was very nice. The lotion works great! It is very relaxing and also gives an "energy boost" to your feet. I would reccomend it to anyone...especially if you have a good husband who will rub your feet for you! hehe.
Anyways, as everyone knows today was a gorgeous day out! I did have to work from 9:30 until 2:00, but that wasn't long at all. I was so glad that I had a short day today so that I could enjoy the warm weather! By the time we ate lunch @ 2:30, i caught up on email, picked up a little, and changed it was 4:00. So, we got a later start than I wanted to, but that is alright, we still had plenty of time outside. We went and bought a basketball of our own...I was surprised niether of us had one. We did when we lived at home...anyways, we bought a baketball and headed to the court next to Timberline. We played "Taco"...which is "Horse" but Garrett decided he liked playing "Taco" better. :) He won. Then we played around the world. He won. I was so close, though, in BOTH games! I was only one basket behind each game! Then we went for a walk on the path and by the Lakewood ponds. There were some baby geese and we sat on a bench and watched them for awhile. It was really nice. Then we headed to Sonic for dinner. I loved being able to eat outside! I just love it!
Now we are relaxing at home and then we are heading to the dollar theatre to see "The Ultimate Gift." It looks really good.
Just to let everyone know the Hallmark that I work at is having a sale on our Easter candy. It is 10 cents each and then 50 cents for a bag! I bought 10 cadbury eggs yesterday and the total only came to $1.06! (that is with out my doesn't work on sale items.) Just wanted to share the wealth...if you know what I mean...ok i am a dork and am saying goodbye now!