Tuesday, April 3, 2007

No More

I am sad to say that we are not this cute family you see anymore. :( A few days ago Garrett and me recieved a notice on our door that we had 14 days to get rid of our cat. So, apparently we weren't supposed to have Nehemiah in the apartments. So, my loving mother offered to take him into her home. I am so grateful for her taking him! She already has two cats, a dog, a bunny, a fish, and a hamster...so she is really an animal person!
We took Nemo and all his stuff over to her house tonight after work. I know he will be happier at her house. He will have more room and be able to go outside. Also, my mom is home a lot of the day so he won't be as lonely. It is weird not having him here, though. Even Garrett is missing him! I will miss the bites he gave me every morning and the way he would jump on me as I walked across the room...ok not really. But, I will miss him. At least we will still be able to see him. He only lives 10 minutes away. I just don't feel right without him here...