Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is what is on my wish list. We just got a new shipment of Burt's Bees at work and my manager was telling me about this foot lotion. She said she has her husband rub it on her feet at the end of a long day and it totally relaxes her and makes her feet feel better! It smells so good...so I thought, I need this! I could just imagine Garrett rubing it on my feet at the end of a long work day and me spread out on the couch watching my favorite shows and eating my favorite snacks...what a life that would be!
When Garrett picked me up from work today I was able to talk him into letting me get it. We haven't put it out on the floor yet, so I have to wait until I go into work on Thursday to get it. The nice thing is that I also get a 20% discount...so it's all good! (as Herman Ivey would say)
I will update you on how the foot lotion works for me and if my dream of Garrett massaging my feet while I watch T.V. ever ends up happening! haha. Goodnight everyone and talk to you soon!