Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O Christmas Time

I am really in the "Christmas" spirit! I am just loving everything about this time of year and can not wait until Christmas Day. Garrett and I have been doing a lot of things to keep us in this spirit, including going to the Festival of Trees. It was a lot of fun to see all of the creative trees and see some dance performances while we were there. We each picked out our favorite tree and voted on it. One of our favorites was an upside down tree! It was so unique! haha. I also had a great laugh when we saw a tree that had "Santa's List" wrapped up in it and I told Garrett, 'let's see if I can find me on there.' What do you know, when I looked down the first name I saw was "Angela!" haha. And apparently I want a doll house. :)

This week I have gotten our Christmas decorations out and put up in the house, wrapped all the gifts that I have gotten so far, and have written out our Christmas cards. Garrett put the lights up on our house, which is special for us because this is our first year to be able to have lights on the outside of where we were living! So that was really fun. Here is the area above our t.v.:
And today we bought our Christmas tree at the Broadway tree lot. We walked up and were greeted by a very friendly Keith Eastman and while he was talking I noticed right behind him a tree that made my heart skip a beat. When he walked away I told Garrett, 'look at this tree! I absolutely love it!' It was perfect to me. So, without looking at any others, we tooked it. And Garrett lifted it above his head and carried it across the parking lot to our place. It was kind of funny in my opinion... :)
We decorated it today and it looks great. Perfect for this perfect Christmas season.