Monday, December 1, 2008

So Thankful

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Garrett and I had a very nice one. We traveled to Salem, Oregon to spend it with his mom and her family. While we were there we took a day and traveled to Portland to go to the one, the only: IKEA! haha. I have really missed that place. It used to be 10 minutes away from me and now it is 7 hours. :(

But, with Thanksgiving this last week and the message on "Thanks" at church yesterday I truly do know that I have so much to be grateful for. I wanted to make a little list to just name a few things that I am truly grateful to God for:
*My husband, Garrett, who gives me so much love and adds so much joy to my life. *My mom and brothers, who are always there for me no matter what.*My grandma Shirley, who would do anything for me. *really ALL of my family, who has taught me something in my lifetime and given me laughs and love.* my in-laws, who really welcomed me into their family and now they feel like my family. * my friends, who have made me laugh until I cry. *my church and church family, who have walked beside me in my journey with Christ and who have helped define and refine me in Him. *The ability to walk, to talk, to see. *To live in the USA, where I am free to praise my God. *A warm place to sleep at night. *Food in my belly. *Hope for my future. *My future children.* God finding me, saving me, forgiving me, and loving me even though I certainly do not deserve it.*
Thank you, Lord, for all of these things and more. You have blessed me far beyond what I could ask for.